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What People Are Saying
  • “One tangible result I saw in the classroom as a result of my participation in the Certificate Program was how doable having a blended learning environment at my school could be. Before, I assumed it was a university or high-school level concept. After learning about other elementary and middle schools that incorporate it into their curriculum, I can now envision this goal for my school. Not only could our school benefit from such a program, but after this course, I feel like I have the tools to implement it with the support of our administrators and teachers.”

    Hannah Sheckter, Technology Coordinator, Brauser Maimonides
  • “The benchmarking process has provided us with valuable insight into our finances which has led to constructive enhancements in our staffing and efficiency. Having a much broader perspective of our budget and understanding it in the context of how it compares to other similar schools has been extremely helpful to us.”

    Rabbi Chaim Hagler, Head of School, Yeshivat Noam
  • “Thank you for making the trek down here to make the presentation on the benchmarking report. The report itself and the process of compiling the data has been a very rewarding and valuable experience for us and I really appreciate all of your (extra) efforts to help make the report as accurate as possible and to provide us with a coherent commentary on the report. I would love to be involved in the benchmarking project again.”

    Josh Levisohn, Head of School, Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy
  • “I have been one of the YU School Partnership’s best customers since it began. I can tell you firsthand, how much of the progress we’ve made at Hillel Torah and the speed with which we’ve been able to do it has been influenced by the YU School Partnership. In a very short period of time you’ve made a serious impact on the field of American Jewish education – and the future of many children.”

    Rabbi Menachem Linzer, Head of School, Hillel Torah North Subarban Day School