Attending the Jewish Job Fair is ALWAYS a Good Idea. Here are 3 reasons why.

By: Dina Rabhan, Associate Executive Director

Wondering if you should register for our annual Jewish Job Fair in March?

If you are a school leader here are three reasons why it is always a good idea to come to the annual Jewish Job Fair.

Reason #1: Always be Hiring

Second to the children in your school, your teachers are the most important people in your building and hiring quality teachers is one of the most important tasks you do as a school leader. Attend the Jewish Job Fair to meet teachers at every stage in their career because we all know that if it’s not this year or the next, it won’t be long before you do need to hire a teacher. Coming to the Job Fair keeps you connected with quality educators for when you do  need to hire.

Reason #2: Always be Seen

Hiring great teachers for Jewish day schools is a highly competitive market and it’s essential for your school to be known and seen. Take advantage of the Jewish Job Fair to promote the visibility and public relations of your school. Teachers should recognize your school and have an opportunity to rub shoulders with you as the school leader.  Even if you are a well-known school, candidates are drawn to and more open to considering positions in schools that they are more familiar with and feel positively toward the school leaders.

Reason #3: Always be Networking

Networking is the oxygen of the 21st century leader. You want to meet with as many school leaders and teachers as possible all of the time to ensure you remain current, relevant, and familiar. The Jewish Job Fair is the perfect opportunity to do so as it hosts more than 70 school leaders every year and over 300 job seekers. Your presence is essential because being a successful 21st century leader calls for having a strong and diverse network of individuals across the field of Jewish education that can be accessed and called upon for ideas, support, and more.

Yeshiva University’s Jewish Job Fair will be taking place on Thursday, March 3, 2016 in the Max Stern Athletic Center on YU’s Wilf Campus from 6-9pm.

To register for the Jewish Job Fair, click here.  For more information e-mail


Dina is the Associate Executive Director at the YU School Partnership, working with the most incredible educational consulting team committed to making Jewish education better for children across North America and the globe. She can be reached at