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Certainly your students use Facebook. And you do as well. Perhaps your school has won one of the exciting and generous contests sponsored by savvy mega stores during the past year. Or, perhaps like many of my clients, you’re dabbling and wondering if it’s worth your effort. Alternatively, you may be anxious about March 30th: the day that all Facebook pages will be upgraded to the new timeline format (like it or not…so it pays to like it!) I chatted with social media networking guru Rebecca Saidlower to get some advice. You may be surprised that Saidlower who is Associate Director of Marketing and Communication at the Jewish Education Project cautions, “It may not be worth the effort. Think carefully before investing the resources to establish and maintain a social media presence.”

The first strategic step is to clarify your goals. Tempting, as it may seem, your goal is not merely to have a Facebook page because “all the other school do.” A broad goal might be “we want to increase our engagement with our target audience through having a Facebook Page.” We’ll discuss narrower goals and how to achieve them below.

Rules of Engagement
Define your audience: With whom do you wish to connect?

Narrow Your Goal
Do you want third grade parents to understand what goes on in your reading lab?
Do you want to inform parents about your new middle school Hebrew language immersion program?
Do you want to increase communication with grandparents?
Do you want to reach out to alumni who graduated between 1990-2011 because you are honoring their former AP English teacher?
Think about where and how to engage these audiences. Find out how they get their information. Don’t make assumptions!

Page or Groups
After defining your target audience (and you may have several) think about the best way to reach them through Facebook.

You may decide to create a dedicated group page for grandparents, for alumni in general, or graduates of specific years in particular. “Groups” explains Saidlower “are for building a community.” They allow constituents to speak directly to one another. But – beware! You surrender a certain amount of control. On your page you “push out” information. A group assumes more control its own content.

The New Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline offers multi-faceted opportunities to inspire your audience. You can reach them through pictures that touch the heart and with historical narratives that impress, inform, and celebrate the past while looking towards a hopeful future.

Should you have any questions about marketing, resource development, or any of my day school services, please call me at (516) 569-8070 or send me an email. Wishing you a chag kasher v’samayach and sedarim that infuse meaning into your family’s timeline.

Until the next issue, Kol Tuv! Sincerely,

Candace Plotsker-Herman
Creative Communications


This was posted originally by the Creative Communications Group.


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