Online/Blended Instruction and Design

alt30 weeks long

Workload: 2-3 hours per week


About the Program

All courses will be taught be Dr. Eliezer Jones.

This program is created to prepare Jewish educators for teaching and designing courses online in either fully online or blended learning environments. The program provides students with essential knowledge and skills in pedagogy, course development, evaluation, instruction, and other aspects of the educational process in online and blended learning environments. By the end of this program, each participant will have produced one fully online Judaic course that they can teach online or in a blended classroom.


  • Principles, Standards and Assessment of Online/Blended Instruction

This is the introductory course intended to give you a broad overview of the emerging field of online and blended learning. Course participants are introduced to basic theories of online/blended learning and to specific pedagogical approaches for exemplary online curriculum development, while beginning the process of gaining the necessary technical expertise to design effectively for the online environment. The focus of this course will be on online and blended learning standards, pedagogical approaches, innovation in education and, by developing with the end in mind, assessment of online and blended courses.

  • Online/Blended Course Design and Development

Participants are trained to be Online Course Design Specialists as they are guided through the process of defining goals and objectives aligned with standards; selecting readings; designing activities, discussion questions, and assessments; and creating a dynamic online learning experience tailored to the needs of their specific audience. This course focuses primarily on the practical issues and skills needed to develop an online or blended course using a learning management system. All participants will be taught how to turn their familiar teaching materials into an online course that they can facilitate. 

  • Online/Blended Instruction and Facilitation

This course focuses on the practice of online and blended instruction and facilitation. Students will be introduced to different methods, creative ideas and technologies that will promote the highest quality of learning in an online or blended learning environment.  The focus of this course will be on online facilitation, class management, student engagement and motivation as well as best practices from the field.


Course Format

The 3 online courses will utilize online readings, web-based activities, expert webinars, facilitated online discussions, and specific training to develop and teach online Judaic courses. Through this program, participants are also able to experience the online classroom as learners, gaining valuable experience necessary for effective online course design and delivery.

The Online/Blended Program is made up of 3 courses lasting 10 weeks each. There is also a 1 week break in between each course, for a total length of approximately 50 weeks. The program begins on September 10th and runs through June. These courses cannot be taken individually, but must be taken as a unit and in the correct order.


Who is the Program Designed For?

Judaic teachers who would like to, or are planning on, using online and blended learning in their schools.





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