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The BRAVE Bully Reduction and Social Leadership Development program aims to bring research-based bully prevention and social emotional learning programming to Jewish schools not as an end in itself, but as a means to support school change.  The goal is the creation of caring school environments that support all students’ development as responsible and responsive members of the community.  BRAVE combines research and practice in all its programs, and develops school-based expertise through training of a core team of professionals from the school and consultation with administration and other staff. 

The core middle school initiative is supported by an annual training held at Yeshiva University and attended by teams of faculty from participating schools.  Students then participate in two introductory workshops, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to become responsible social architects of a positive peer culture.  Faculty and family workshops communicate the BRAVE principles and paradigm throughout the school community.  BRAVE schools receive ongoing consultation from the BRAVE team which is directed by bullying prevention expert Dr. Rona Novick, PhD, and participate in the research program by administering surveys to students and faculty twice yearly. 

The core BRAVE program is available to a limited number of schools annually. Beyond the core Middle School Initiative, BRAVE disseminates information and provides materials to all Jewish schools to enhance the understanding of bullying and support the development of healthy environments for social emotional growth.

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