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Ulpan - Mekorot B'Ivrit

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Please see the bottom of this page, and click on the attachment to view the final monthly schedule.

Daily schedule:


Daily Schedule:







9:00-12:00 MW

9:00 – 11:00 F

Fluency, classroom vocabulary & modern Hebrew

Fluency, classroom vocabulary & modern Hebrew

Fluency, classroom vocabulary & modern Hebrew

Hila Naftalovich


12:00-1:00 MW

11:00 – 12:00 F

Biblical Hebrew and Text Study

Biblical Hebrew and Text Study

Biblical Hebrew and Text Study

Dr. Shawn-Zelig Astor


1:00-2:00 MW

Group lunch activity

Group lunch activity


2:00 – 3:30 MW

Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons

Deganit Ronen



Mekorot Be-Ivrit is an innovative summer program designed to prepare present and future Jewish Studies teachers in elementary and high schools, and yeshivot, to be comfortable teaching in correct and fluent Hebrew.



This Summer Intensive program emphasizes vocabulary, both used in the classroom (modern Hebrew) and in texts (classical Hebrew).  Lead teachers will integrate technology and use inductive models; immersing participants in a Hebrew environment every morning.

Afternoons are dedicated to modeling the use of Hebrew in teaching classic Jewish sources: Bible, Siddur, Rabbinic Literature, with vocabulary correlated to that studied in the mornings. Participants will become comfortable giving model lessons in Hebrew, and will receive feedback and support from a team of lead teachers.

The Summer Intensive program will be followed by a full year program that includes mentors in schools who will work with teachers to develop and strengthen their skills.



Comfort with Hebrew language is a key component in students’ willingness to identify with Jewish text. As long as students see Hebrew as alien to them, they will see all classical Jewish sources as texts accessible only in translation. They realize that they are not “really” learning Torah – at most, they are learning about Torah. And they sense the difference.


Pilot programs at Yeshiva College have demonstrated that all students, even those with significant learning disabilities, can become comfortable enough with Hebrew to read and translate classical Jewish sources. This comfort level allows them to engage directly with Torah, to see Torah as theirs, and to feel that they are bnei Torah, sons of Torah, members of a Torah community.


Mekorot B'Ivrit thus aims to train teachers to integrate spoken Hebrew into the Limmudei Kodesh classroom, and to create a comfort zone around Hebrew. Comfort with Hebrew leads to a willingness to engage with the language and to developing Hebrew language skills. Students will thus have a greater capacity to engage meaningfully with classical Jewish text, in their original form.



Instructors and curriculum designers:

Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster, Faculty, Yeshiva College

Mrs. Hila Naftalovitch, Faculty, SAR Academy High School

Rabbanit Deganit Ronen, SAR Academy High School

Rivka Weiner, Curriculum Designer

Download this file (Ulpan Final Schedule 1.doc)Ulpan Final Schedule 1.doc [ ] 26 Kb


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