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  • Shira Loewenstein: Teach Me

First and foremost I am a teacher. Whether I am teaching children, new teachers, mentors, or administrators I am always a teacher. This blog is a forum to talk about teaching and most of all to learn from one another. We are all learning to teach, so Teach Me!

  • Dr. Rona Milch Novick: Life's Tool Box - A Guide for Parents and Educators

My Dad, an Industrial Arts teacher and proud owner of a garage filled with tools, always said, ”Everything in life is easier with the right tools." Parenting and education is so much less defined than problems tackled in my Dad’s garage. Never exact science, raising and educating children has become incredibly challenging. I have the opportunity to speak and meet with so many caring, dedicated and compassionate adults who really want to support children’s growth and development – they just wish they had the right tools.

  • Dr. Eliezer Jones: E.A.J.

This blog is meant to complement the work I currently do as well as be a location for additional thoughts, insights and resources that do not appear in the current online spaces I post.



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