What is a Critical Friends Group?

A CFG is a professional learning community consisting of approximately 7-12 educators who voluntarily convene via telephone and in person for one hour on an ongoing basis. Group members are committed to improving their practice through collaborative learning, sharing dilemmas of practice and openly reflecting.

Furthermore, research has indicated that peer support in the form of collaborative groups can play a key role in promoting and supporting successful and effective leadership. In addition to your own development, participating in a CFG sends a powerful message to your staff about your personal commitment to professional development.

Who's it for?

CFGs are comprised of school leaders, including Heads of School, Principals, and Assistant Principals

How does it work?

CFGs are most effective when members are commited to continual meetings and active participation. We encourage CFGs to participate in at least 3 phone calls a year in addition to our annual in person conference.

Should I come to the CFG Conference?

We highly recommend that those who are interested in the CFG experience and want to get the most out of it attend to our two-day conference in which all CFGs will gather together to connect, network, learn, and engage. You can find more information about the conference here.

What is a Lay Leader CFG?

We often hear school board members and lay leaders express the need for a forum in which they can discuss the unique challenges they confront in their roles and learn from the experiences of others.   In response to this request, we are now offering an exclusive opportunity at CFG 2013 to a limited number of school board members to receive training from renown experts in the field of school governance who will answer the toughest questions about board members' work.  

CFG 2013 will also provide lay leaders with the chance to learn with school leaders from dozens of schools across the country, tapping into their collective experience in a confidential setting.  Through two intensive days of networking, collaboration and problem-solving activities, the lay leader CFG will directly impact the health of any board’s functioning.

Apply today to join a CFG and connect with like-minded peers who are dedicated to ongoing learning and professional development.



If you have questions about CFGs
Dina Rabhan, LMSW,
Director of Recruitment, Placement and Induction at or 212-960-5400 ext.6152