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Leadership Support

To meet the varied and diverse needs of school leaders we offer two leadership support programs:

1. Principals Partnership

2. Critical Friends Groups

Principals Partnership

The Principals Partnership is a comprehensive mentoring program that matches existing, experienced school leaders with leaders who are within their first three years of leadership.

How it works:

Mentors and protégés communicate regularly via telephone and internet, as well as visit each other’s schools each year to learn from interactions with students, faculty, parents, lay leaders and community members. We recognize the mentoring of new leaders as an essential component for successful leadership.

Critical Friends Groups

Critical Friends Groups provide opportunities for collaboration, support, camaraderie and reflective practice between school leaders, using relevant and practical discussions of case studies and challenges unique to school leaders. Furthermore, research indicates that peer support in the form of collaborative groups can play a key role in promoting and supporting successful and effective leadership.

How it works:
The program begins with an all expenses paid, two-day retreat that includes discussions about topics selected by the participants. Fun activities and time to relax and get to know the other group members is included in the schedule.

The groups convene periodically after the two-day retreat at intervals determined collaboratively, to further support the leaders and provide an ongoing network of peer support with which they can look to for support.

For more information on both of these program, please contact Dina Rabhan, LMSW at 212-960-5400 ext.6152 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Job Placement and Support Services

Our department is here to assist Jewish day school administrators in finding the right position. We offer a Job Listing section just for Administrator Positions where you can:

  • View open positions
  • Submit a resume
  • Contact us about finding the right position for you

Schools can also post leadership positions in this section.

Please visit the Administrative Positions page for more information.

If you are looking to post positions for qualified teachers or are looking for a teaching position, please visit our Career Development page.


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