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Teacher Career Development

The YU School Partnership is dedicated to furthering the career of future and current Jewish educators. For this reason we provide ongoing career building events and offer job placement services and listings through our Job portal.



Resources for Job Seekers:

First Steps

  • Industry Overview - Jewish Day School Education
  • Why Teach?
  • In Town vs. “Out of Town”
  • Resume Tips and Sample Resumes
  • Cover Letters That Make a Difference
  • How to Search for Teaching Jobs

Interviews and Model Lessons

Sealing the Deal

  • Now What? What To Do After the Interview
  • So, You Got an Offer*
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Getting Ready For Your First Day

Outside Web Links and Resources

All of the Resources that are web links posted by Joey et al (change author name to something like YUSP)


Resources for Employers

Advertising a Job Opening

  • Always Hiring: Projecting Job Openings for Next Year
  • Why Should I Write a Job Description?*
  • Who Should We Hire? Identifying Your Target Job-Seeker Market
  • Setting Salary
  • Where to Advertise Job Openings

Screening and Interviewing Candidates

  • Pre-Screening Candidate Resumes*
  • Maximizing Your Time at the Job Fair
  • How to Conduct a Great Candidate Interview*
  • Rubric for Observing a Model Lesson*
  • Calling References

Sealing the Deal

  • Making an Offer*
  • Before the First Day
  • Inducting New Teachers






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Teacher Career Development


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