Looking for a Job?

JEDJobs.com (formerly known as Chinuch Link) is an online portal for everything related to careers in Jewish Education:


SCHOOLS can post open positions


JOB SEEKERS can search and apply for jobs  


SCHOOL LEADERS & JOB SEEKERS can use this service to connect with our School Human Resources department to
access our support.


Use of JEDJobs.com coupled with close work with our office is an indispensable tool for schools to advance their recruitment and placement processes and for job seekers to advance their careers.






webinarThe Institute offers many webinars that provide expert professional development and continued education.


ForumsJoin our active online communities of practice and begin broadening your network, skills and resources.

Teacher Career Development


For information about these Institute services, please contact Maccabee Avishur at 212-960-5400 x6944 or




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